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Qurotema is a mysterious, artificial universe, locked behind the Gates of Qurotema.


Qurotema was discovered and explored predominantly by Dr. Sino in his research on interuniversal travel. Practically no information beyond his research exists in regards to the nature and laws of Qurotema. This also includes LOGO, who claims to have no information, either.

What makes Qurotema unique is its security mechanisms. It is the only known universe to have an actual security protocol that actively keeps interuniversal travelers out. Any attempts to travel there using standard tech and Qurotema's documented coordinates yields the transporter's current coordinates as the destination, effectively setting a trajectory for the current location.

Dr. Sino first found Qurotema whilst working on an experimental travel protocol. His idea was that instead of traveling into a universe, he would warp to the Void, and to keep from going into stasis, create a small field around the spacecraft, all matter within it being connected to Temporalis' time field. His studies focused on higher dimensions' role in universes' composition, and was especially interested in the idea of entering a verse from the outside, rather than warping to it using traditional methods, which is what inspired this experimental travel model.

It was a success. After a few test runs, he coincidentally came across Qurotema by entering it through direct travel (currently the only known way in which to get there). He described the world as:

Extremely dark, to the point of complete darkness. Despite there being no light, I could still see. I heard voices that spoke in languages I had never heard, but I could still understand them. There were fluids stacked on top of one another. A dark fluid, like water, sat below me, and an equally dark fluid, air, I traveled through. These fluids were unlike any other; each one as dark as the last, I could sink or swim upwards freely, as they gave no resistance to my exploration. The feeling was that of floating in water, but less resistance, and no urge to breathe.

His notes suggest that with each subsequent visit, he became increasingly compulsive in returning. Each trip would last approximately 2 days (though he claimed they lasted 4 hours, on average). During his second trip, he discovered what is theorized to be the second security layer of Qurotema: The Gates of Qurotema. He notes:

I saw monoliths of a height so tall they could piere the sky (were there any) and rise back from the watery fluid. These gates would not open, but they begged for me to come through. On the left gate was written 'Quro', and on the right was written 'Tema'. Once again, written in a script I did not know, but intuitively understood.

Inspired, he named the new transportation model, warp engine protocol, and even his ship: Quro.

During his third trip, Dr. Sino notes to have come across some "dark technology", found on what he describes as an "island". Upon returning to his lab, he reverse engineered the tech (never specifying what the tech itself actually was), and created microchips that act as receivers to some unique attribute of Qurotema. These chips are currently being produced in a few labs conducting experiments on Qurotema, one of which used the technology to create a connection to Elyium (its relationship to Qurotema is still uncertain).

On his fourth, and final trip, Dr. Sino had become entirely obsessed and consumed by the gates, and used the device he had created to open them. All information beyond this was relayed through an audio channel. He said that he had opened the gates, and that he would enter. The last transmission, Quro, marks the end of all communication with Sino, who never returned.

It is assumed that Qurotema is one of the few artificial universes, ones created deliberately, and not as a simple effect of cosmic chaos. Besides the fact that it is essentially 'hidden', and that it has gates that act as a physical manifestation of what is assumed to be a complex security protocol, it also seems to behave strangely in terms of time, suggesting it isn't connected to Temporalis.

During the Doctor's travels (which lasted 2 days on average, and not 4 hours, as his notes suggest), there were extremely long moments of silence, ranging from 2 hours to an entire day. The doctor's notes claimed that he documented everything by persistently talking with very few breaks. During the second trip, he spoke for over 9 hours in total, and logged only 4 hours of actual time in his notes.

At the moment, any travels to Qurotema are prohibited.