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Victor's portfolio.

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My name is Victor [vi], and I'm a multidisciplinary designer and developer residing both in Montreal and Tokyo.

I design, develop, and produce media, especially new / experimental media that challenges and innovates on existing products. Projects involving design (2D graphics, touch-ups, UI, branding, web, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, game design), audio (music and sound effect production), programming (fullstack web, game), and teaching any of the aformentioned skills, are all within my capacity.

As a designer, my goal is to create engaging products that are aesthetically pleasing, unique and innovative, and relevant to your objectives. Whether it be a website, an experimental game, a song, or a graphic for your brand, the purpose is to enable your business to better communicate what you offer, and how well you do it, to your clients. My goal is to accomplish that through high-quality production, as well as conversations with you on how to realize your objectives.

As an instructor, my goal is to take students from beginner to proficient in any discipline by focusing on mastering the basics. Expertise is a result of in-depth understanding of the fundamentals, combined with practice. Practice is something students must undertake themselves. But, instructing the fundamentals is a responsability I enjoy taking on through fun, engaging, and personal teaching settings.

If you would like more informal documentation of myself, please refer to the victor page. Also, please take a look at my curriculum vitae.


I studied in Montreal, graduating with first class honors from Interactive Media Arts in Dawson College. Currently, I study Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, as well as Waseda University in Tokyo.

What follows is my work experience.

Technical lead and instructor for the sixth installment of the Skins Workshop, in collaboration with Abtec / IFF / Obx Labs.

There, I acted as a technical lead and instructor in the field of game design and audio. I was also involved in teaching programming in C# in Unity over the course of the 1 month workshop. I created and taught the curriculum for audio production, narrative design, and a portion of the programming section. I also helped students (~15 in total) collectively create a game that they had conceptualized. My help ranged from 3D work in Blender, to audio production, to programming in C#, to version control troubleshooting.

Programming teaching assistant at Concordia University for the Computation Arts program.

There, I helped teach university students how to code in Java and work on personal projects.

Research assistant at Obx Labs working on virtual reality and typography.

There, I conceptualized and produced experimental typography projects using both Unity and Unreal Engine for use with the HTC Vive.

Game design teacher at Dawson College.

There, I created and taught a 2-week full-time curriculum centered around familiarizing students with game design, and helping each student produce a personal game using Construct 2.

Web designer at

There, I dealt with client requiremnts and front-end design of websites.


  • 2D graphics
  • 3D graphics
  • photography
  • music production
  • audio design
  • game design
  • game development
  • web design
  • web development
  • interactive media
  • english
  • french
  • teaching



Below is a collection of curated projects that showcase previous work, some of which were for clients, some of which are personal projects.

For a full list of projects, go here.

Visual - 2D

Visual - 3D


Code - Web

Code - Game

Send me an email at for business inquiries, or just a nice conversation!