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The Void is the space between universes in the Multiverse.


The Void is an extremely dangerous place, because of its unique behavior in regards to time and space.

It is not connected to Temporalis, because it has no known timekeeping protocol. It exists in a state where all universes (past, present, and future) exist simultaneously. This means that any travel to there likely results in being stuck in a sort of endless state of time-stasis. No person or device that's travelled there has made it back, so there's no way to confirm.

The fact that bubbles of 'stuff' (i.e. universes) can exist with their own timekeeping protocols inside the Void suggests that its fundamental operation is at a higher dimension than the third, meaning that very little infromation can be extracted when it comes to how universes are constructed.

Interuniversal travel avoids this problem altogether, by using the only information left by the AI before their disappearance: warp travel. This method of travel allows for a small set of space to interchange itself with another small set of space, regardless of whether that space is situated in the current universe or another. Alongside warp travel, the AI left an elaborate coordinate system describing how to navigate (within reasonable limits) the Void in order to find universes.

Warp travel has been criticized as potentially killing the original user and creating a copy at a given location, but tests of the travel protocol have revealed that the designated space to transport is in fact not disappearing altogether, but moving, perhaps into a higher spatial dimension. Warp travel technology is otherwise still not understood.