Di was a leading rank of The Dei before their disbandment.

The AI were misunderstood. Not very surprising, considering all us fleshy ones can't even emulate their thoughts in the first place.

So, Di went out to search for a sense of godliness in his misunderstandingment. He wasn't the greedy type like 'em usuals. But, he had seen a glimpse of the "absolute", whatever that meant, and that drove him.

Y'see, Mora had become a sort of goddess in the planets of the purity, and Di went on to seek her wisdom in a not-so-cooperative fashion-like. He knew he couldn't understand her, but thing is, he also knew that Nox had helped him get this far. So, boy is hoped this wasn't the end of his plans.

Didn't see him afterwards no more. But I've been hearing he's good.

No matter how much of a pawn he was, what mattered most was the pieces of truth he picked up along the way.
Dei are Disciplies of Nox.