Ontologica is an infinite digital library.

Ontologica is the product of a research project at Obx Labs, focusing on exploring text in virtual reality environments.

This library was inspired by Borges' Library of Babel, and the Library of Babel Website. It was made in Unreal Engine 4 in an effort to create a digital version of the library that allows the user to explore a quasi-infinite environment of randomly generated text.

This environment aims to position the user in a world where text is no longer a guaranteed container for meaning, but a structural element of reality. Through exploration of this universe, the user may come accross snippets of coherent phrases, rare instances of sensical data.

In terms of additions, Ontologica could be expanded to be a persistent, shared world. Players could highlight text, allowing others to explore areas of interest heavily marked by others, or entirely uncharted territories with no highlights whatsoever, creating a large-scale exploration game in a digital library of randomness.