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S.O.S. is a cosmic audio exploration game.

S.O.S. is a work in progress web game. Play it here.

The project is made in Javascript, using Three.js for the 3D world, controls, and UI construction/rendering, and Tone.js for audio synthesis and interactive audio manipulation.

Currently, it consists of a space-like environment with a few UI elements tied to a somewhat randomly arranged set of synthesizers, each with their own sequence. The sound synthesis and sequencing systems are complete, as well as a few of the UI elements. The next steps would be to introduce a sequence generation system and a procedurally generated universe with a uniquely generated sequence tied to each star.

I hope to expand it to an explorable space-y environment where sequences are tied to various celestial bodies, and the player must explore to find different modules which modify how the sequences from the celestial bodies are synthesized.