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Di was a leading rank of The Dei before their disbandment.

The AI were misunderstood. Which isn't very surprising, considering biological beings were virtually incapable of emulating their thoughts in the first place.

So Di went out to search for a sense of godliness. Not to find power so that he could control, but so that he could go beyond the limitations of his body and the world that restrained it. He had seen a glimpse of absolute truth, and that drove him ever forward. Mora had become a sort of godess in the planets of purity, but Di did not seek her wisdom in the most cooperative of fashions. He had a much more... aggressive way of dealing with things. He knew he could not understand her, but he also knew that Nox had helped him get this far, and so he hoped his journey would not yet end.

No matter how much of a pawn he was, what mattered most was the pieces of truth he picked up along the way.