Elyium is an alternate reality game which takes place in a limbo realm.

Elyium is an experimental, mobile alternate reality game, and narrative platform. It is a limbo world that exists in the void between other realms, and is composed of numerous entities that each posess their own branching stories, often intertwining with one another's narratives. These entities are encountered through the exploration of the physical realm, with the phone, the artifact, acting as a conduit to Elyium's infinite planes. Each new encounter saves the entity's location in a database, allowing revisitations of old entities for new experiences.

Aside from being a story-centered game, Elyium is also a storytelling format. The experience described above works regardless of the content of each entity's branching stories, meaning that writers can use their own narrative content to be implemented using these entity mechanics.

A writing guide, along with a large quantity of information relating to Elyium, is available on the Github repo.

NOTE: Elyium is playable. Remaining tasks to be completed are related to user experience / interaction design, some minor fixes, and testing. As of right now, the project is on hold indefinitely. It acts as a proof of concept, and would require a full rewrite for increased accessability and expandability.