Entropica is a world with inverted entropy.

Created by a Technomancer, Entropica is a reverse-entropy world. It houses an environment where order thrives naturally, with all regulations and agents acting towards structure. Over time, Entropica grows ever close to perfect order, through its alternative set of physics protocols. Currently, it exists in an incredibly stable state, in a centralized, hyper-organized megastructure. In its earlier stages, it featured planet-like celestial bodies that orbited around a smaller version of the megastructure, and eventually integrated into it.

"Life", broadly defined as a form of extreme localized order, is incredibly abundant. Because of Entropica's hyper-structured nature, lifeforms exist on many scales, each contributing to a growing system. Due to the range of scale of life, some 'celestial bodies' may also be considered to behave as agents of this world.

Sentience is relatively typical, as well. Lifeforms evolve towards higher degrees of order, and as a result, their mating preferences are always in some way geared towards producing higher order through their offspring. Ecosystsems are extremely clean, with all creatures willingy participating in all biological actions - including death.