Routine is a set of routines for lifestyle maintenance.

In highschool, my goal was to escape routine out of sheer boredom. I hated school, and I hated having to do the same thing every day. I've developed a slightly more nuanced view of routine since then and felt the positive benefits of keeping a healthy routine. With this page, I'd like to formalize a small and simple set of routines, or perhaps better referred to as habits, to keep me on a track towards a nicer lifestyle.

As I've said in my thoughts on timekeeping, writing stuff down has proved incredibly useful in making me more proactive. Therefore, the following routines' goals are to make it easier for me to manage my health and time investment long-term by planning out a well-documented set of things I should do each and every day.

Time has been overall slightly inflated to ensure that I have time to complete the activities.


Wake up at the same time each day (currently 7:45am).

Take a lukewarm shower and brush teeth. 15 minutes.

Dry off and get dressed. 15 minutes.

Stretch. 15 minutes.

Light exercise touching on every major muscle group, but focusing on a singular muscle group I feel needs most development. 15 minutes.

Morning routine: ~60 minutes.


In no particular order, and outside of work / school, and things like eating.

Focus on building a skill I'd like to be better at. Personal project, daily media production, raw practice, etc. Minimum 2 hours.

Play / relax without productive intent. Minimum 2 hours if in the mood.

Skill and play can be omitted from a day's routine as long as the time is made up for in the next days.

Non-work related activities: minimum 2 - 4 hours.


Log day's acitivities. 5 minutes.

Brush teeth. 5 minutes.

Stretch. 10 minutes.

Sleep with minimal phone interaction.

Night routine: ~20 minutes.


Three times per week with rest day in-between, each exercise done to failure, with easier progressions. Dynamic stretch and warm up before workout, static stretch after workout.

Pullups (grip distance, grip direction, negatives) / Curl + Rows
Squat (depth, pistol)
Pushup (diamond, dive-bomber)
L-Sit (boat hold)
Dip (bench, negative)
Hip raise (single leg)
Handstand (hold, pushup, pike)
Side Plank (arm straightness, crunches)


Estimated time: ~75 minutes.