Artifacts tagged with audio.

    4D SOCIETY is a first person exploration game with navigational puzzles driven by experimental graphics.
    Architects of Souls is a WIP album revolving around the creation of AI and its influence in the multiverse.
    DotCycle is a narrative game taking place in archived memories of an atomic AI.
    Episodic EP is a short album of songs made during a year in Tokyo.
    Fruits of Labour is the soundtrack for the short documentary Fruits of Labour.
    Keyde is a contemporary kaleidoscope.
    Light Tone is an interactive audio sculpture and experimental musical instrument.
    Mythaphil is the major region of a lush jungle planet sharing the same name.
    Nakade is a realtime point-cloud audiovisual demo.
    Quro, the celestial sailboat.
    Qurotema is an off-limits construct universe.
    The Cosmic Affliction is a narrative-centric electronic album, following a Solemn drifter of the planes.