Artifacts tagged with photography.

    Aquaform - Water.
    Archform Day - Shining strata.
    Archform Night - Beaming highlights.
    Fireform - Primitive mastery.
    Flora are depictions of the micro-monde of the insectarium and flora worlds.
    Golden Bike is a documentation of a 360km bike trip across Japan.
    Loveletter To Japan is a collection of night photos from my final evenings in Tokyo.
    Natura - Loxiolid.
    Papur, the cosmic station.
    The PC is a synthetic cave.
    Sira is a series of photographs taken around various areas in Montreal, summer 2017.
    Techform - Advanced refinement.
    Tracestate is a collection of photographs created prior to leaving to Japan.
    Witome is a series of photographs taken during a typical outing in Montreal, summer 2016.
    Yoshigira is a small album feauturing the last park on the civilized globe.