Artifacts tagged with verse.

    Aeva, the Constructor.
    Analog is a decentralized group of tech-savvy vigilantes.
    The Antiverse is an aged world in its first stages of heat death.
    An ARK Simulation is a custom instance of a digital Paradise for a select body of Automata.
    The Atmos is an iconic location logged due to its proximity to a Nihilim phase point.
    An Atom Array is an artifically constructed wormhole.
    Atomic AI are artificial-intelligent beings in their state of infancy.
    The Automata are a species of mechanical creatures.
    BlackBox 11: deathphase:null.
    Dei are Disciplies of Nox.
    A Dentatsuna is a mobile temple, the Automata's travelling cathedral.
    Di was a leading rank of The Dei before their disbandment.
    DotCycle is a narrative game taking place in archived memories of an atomic AI.
    Elyium is an alternate reality game which takes place in a limbo realm.
    Entropica is a world with inverted entropy.
    Eradise is a third person exploration game taking place in an Automata relic.
    Ethera's Word, the temporary trigger.
    The Gates of Qurotema are the security mechanism of a mysterious, artificial universe.
    The Grand Archives are a collection of vast public archives relating to the Multiverse.
    A Keerosin is an environmental tool used for automated bio-sustainability.
    LOGO, the Archivist.
    Mod, the Timekeeper.
    Mora, the Architect.
    Moré is a snow planet filled with monuments dedicated to Mora.
    The Multiverse is the collection of all universes in the third dimension.
    Mythaphil is the major region of a lush jungle planet sharing the same name.
    The Nihilim are unseen ultradimensionals.
    Nil, the Purifier.
    The Nil Cursors are the spawn of Nil.
    Nox, the Umbra.
    QU-6, m_struct #760.
    Quro, the celestial sailboat.
    Qurotema is a mysterious construct universe.
    Saturn is a term associated to the romantic, infinite travels along planets saturated in fog.
    The Solemn are the remaining intelligent species in the Antiverse.
    Technomancers are a faction of highly advanced transhumanists.
    Temporalis is a small hub universe / city that tracks the flow of time in most areas of the Multiverse.
    The Cosmic Affliction is a narrative-centric electronic album, following a Solemn drifter of the planes.
    The Void is the 'space' between universes in the Multiverse.
    The Voxelverse is a construct world with spatial curiosities.
    Warp Travel is the technology the AI leave their creator-species before their departure.