Technomancers are a faction of highly advanced transhumanists.

The Technomancers are a small faction (last recorded: 14) of highly advanced engineers of various disciplines. It's important to note that their abilities are by no means mystical, as per traditional 'technomancy'. They simply operate at a technological level that permits them to exercise an atypical degree of control over the physical realm.

The members of the Technomancers are unknown, though there are rumors that at least one of the members of Analog is part of them.

Analog is a decentralized group of tech-savvy vigilantes.

Their philosophy revolves around assembling diverse teams of highly skilled individuals, and furthering their group's technological understanding. As a result, it is likely that some AI of intellect equivalent to LOGO's are products of the Technomancers, though no direct evidence suggests this.

LOGO confirms that he was not created by them, but has reason to believe they are capable of constructing AI. He adds that the group does not include exclusively biological beings.