You Are Two is a multiplayer narrative-driven platformer targeting bipolar disorder.

You Are Two is a game made for Ubisoft's Game Lab, with an 8-person team. Most of my involvement was in the gameplay design, third level design, and visual + audio asset / atmosphere production.

My primary production partners in this project were Charles Doucet and Codrin Negrei.

You Are Two is a cooperative game. The two players take on the role of each extreme of the bipolar spectrum: depression and mania. Each can see in different lighting contexts: the depressive player in the dark, and the manic player in the light, motivating them to alternate in taking the lead in navigational sections.

Levels are designed both to provide different challenges that make use of each player's perspective, as well as progress an overarching narrative. The two players are seeking balance, and in their quest, experience a series of episodic narratives.

The first level deals with diagnosis, pushing players to navigate an environment in search of their symptoms. The second level has them go through a rushed factory with a soundtrack produced exclusively with clock ticks, emulating an anxiety-driven lifestyle. The third level separates the two players, forcing them to behave independantly, yet cooperate indirectly, finally reuniting as a more balanced unit.