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Welcome to V-OS, a virtual library of projects, narratives, and experiments.


Welcome. This digital space is a virtual library of my work, narratives, and, to a degree, myself.

I'm Victor [vi], and I'm a multidisciplinary designer and developer on a quest to architect a new reality and deconstruct the physical realm.

Here, you can find my projects and their documentation. If you don't know where to start, check out the index.

Vi's recent activities.

12.11 · 3.5h · Japanese · Linguistics · Japanese.

12.11 · 0.5h · Abyssal Truth · Composition · Music composition.

12.10 · 0.5h · Various · Research · Clothing search engine business considerations.

12.10 · 3.0h · Japanese · Linguistics · Japanese.

12.10 · 0.5h · V-OS · Development · Touch-ups for open source release.

12.09 · 0.5h · Log · Development · Add UTF8 support.

12.09 · 1.0h · V-OS · Design · Color changes, alternate layout experimentation.


  • Made V-OS open source.
  • Made small visual changes to V-OS and the Log.
  • Added archive for The Dei.
  • Filled AI directory with information about existing AI.
  • Added documentation for Di, the only survivor from The Dei.
  • Added documentation for Moré, a snow planet dedicated to the Goddess Mora.
  • Cleaned up V-OS by removing unappealing projects, updating Purity, and reorganizing the verse in preparation for a new wave of content.