V-OS is a virtual library of projects, narratives, and experiments.

This digital space is a virtual library of my projects, narratives, and research.

I'm Victor [vi], and I'm a multidisciplinary designer and developer on a quest to architect a new reality and deconstruct the physical realm. For professional information, please visit my portfolio.

V-OS is a wiki, where all bold text is clickable. So, please enjoy exploring. If you feel stuck or lost, please check out the index.



03.15 · 3.0h · Log · Graphic · UI design.

03.15 · 1.0h · Log · Design · System use.

03.15 · 0.5h · Jam · Composition · Audio mixing.

03.15 · 1.0h · Jam · Acoustic · Guitar and vocals.

03.14 · 2.5h · Log · Graphic · UI design.

03.14 · 3.0h · Log · Design · System use.

03.14 · 1.5h · Log · Development · Database connection and usage.
Lifeset is a collection of guidelines to human existence.
Delta is a collection of customizable, live webcam and kinect-cam filters.
Analog is a decentralized group of tech-savvy vigilantes.

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