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Welcome to V-OS, a virtual library of projects, narratives, and experiments.

This digital space is a virtual library of my work, narratives, and, to a degree, myself.

I'm Victor [vi], and I'm a multidisciplinary designer and developer on a quest to architect a new reality and deconstruct the physical realm.

Here, you can find my projects and their documentation. If you don't know where to start, check out the index.

Vi's recent activities.

07.14 · 0.5h · Study · Research · Substance usage.

07.14 · 0.5h · Study · Research · Pre-modern display technologies, software solutions.

07.13 · 4.0h · Skins 6.0 · Maintenance · General help and prep.

07.12 · 3.0h · Skins 6.0 · Maintenance · General help and prep.

07.12 · 1.5h · Skins 6.0 · Research · Unity terrain teaching.

07.12 · 1.5h · Distant Lovers · Development · Design and development.

07.11 · 1.0h · Distant Lovers · Development · Design and development.


  • Added the retelling of Ethera's Word.
  • New entry: QU-6.
  • Added quote for Keerosin, a bio-sustain tool.
  • Added documentation for You Are Two, a narrative-driven cooperative multiplayer game targeting bipolar disorder.
  • Added documentation for Eradise, a third person exploration game revisiting ruins of the Automata.
  • Added documentation for Lucency, and the exhibition it hosts, Luna.
  • Changed how V-OS handles sidebar and related pages, encouraging cross-section related pages to guide users along more complex site paths.
  • Added levenshtein comparison to search to V-OS to allow for search auto-correction.
  • Added quote regarding different Orders of Reality.
  • Added documentation of Monospace_Garden, a relaxing cosmic system building game.
  • Added documentation of an ARK Simulation.
  • Added verse entries for all known AI.
  • Updated documentation for Atomic AI.
  • Added documentation for Entropica, a reverse-entropy universe.
  • Added world-documentation, as well as media, of Mythaphil.
  • Added documentation for Nil Cursors.