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V-OS is a virtual library of projects, narratives, and experiments.

This digital space is a virtual library of my work, narratives, and, to a degree, myself.

I'm Victor [vi], and I'm a multidisciplinary designer and developer on a quest to architect a new reality and deconstruct the physical realm.

Here, you can find my projects and their documentation. For professional information, please visit my portfolio.

If you don't know where to start, check out the index.

Vi's recent activities.

12.04 · 0.5h · BlindRob Lander · Graphic · Logo and icons.

12.04 · 3.0h · BlindRob Lander · Development · Web development.

12.04 · 3.0h · Japan · Linguistics · Japanese.

12.03 · 0.5h · Jam · Acoustic · Guitar.

12.03 · 0.5h · Japan · Linguistics · Japanese.

12.03 · 3.5h · Study · Research · Tokyo architecture, city design, and freelance work.

12.02 · 1.0h · Study · Research · Geotracking app design.


  • Added photography set for Archform.
  • Added documentation for Org_Proc, an organic synthesis model.
  • Updated work history.
  • Added documentation for Nom, a candy commercial.
  • Added new Lifeset entries.
  • Cleaned up V-OS page tags, and added verse tags to appropriate pages.
  • Rewrote parts of Ethera's Word.