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Welcome to V-OS, a virtual library of projects, narratives, and experiments.

Welcome. This digital space is a virtual library of my work, narratives, and, to a degree, myself.

I'm Victor [vi], and I'm a multidisciplinary designer and developer on a quest to architect a new reality and deconstruct the physical realm.

Here, you can find my projects and their documentation. If you don't know where to start, check out the index.

Vi's recent activities.

03.15 · 2.5h · Doodle · 3D · Greeble.

03.15 · 3.5h · Obx · Research · Unity optimization and iOS debugging.

03.15 · 1.0h · Various · Research · Uni investments and bureaucracy.

03.15 · 0.5h · Obx · Research · Touchscreen overview.

03.14 · 1.5h · Doodle · 3D · Greeble.

03.14 · 0.5h · Monospace Garden · Design · Design overview.

03.14 · 0.5h · Jam · Acoustic · Piano.


  • Documented Delta, a collection of realtime webcam and kinect-cam filters.
  • Added animated gifs as headers to select pages(Keyde, Atom Array, SkyCandy, and a few others).
  • Updated timekeeping notes.
  • Abstracted page links for Purity into generic links array.
  • Redesigned V-OS' content area.
  • Made Purity's page organization folder-based. Exposed folder path, deprecated V-OS' tag-based path system.
  • Refined tag cleaning in Purity, allowing images to be used in lists, and more liberal formatting options.
  • Documented Perfectus Empatheia, a single player roguelike card game.
  • Implemented static instance generation for Purity.