Artifacts tagged with nav.

    The AI section documents existing artifical intelligences.
    The albums section includes sets of songs that were created to work as a cohesive narrative or technical unit, or projects that include multiple pieces of music.
    The audio division includes all music and sound projects.
    The code division includes programming and multimedia composite projects.
    The display section features coded visuals and installations.
    The graphic section features all visual digital media.
    The index is the main navigation hub of V-OS.
    The interactive section features games and interactive media.
    The locations section includes points of interest in the Multiverse.
    The people section includes sentient entities and groups of interest in the Multiverse.
    The phenomena section includes remarkable historical events, happenings, and items.
    The photography section features all photographic work.
    The projects section is a collection of all publicly documented projects.
    The research section is the space destined for my research, and personal inquiries.
    The singles section includes singular songs, or projects that include a single piece of music.
    The tools section features practical applications and artistry tools.
    The verse section is an archive containing information on the narrative development of the world.
    The visual division includes all still-image art projects.
    The writing division includes all writing projects.