The graphic section features all visual digital media.

Graphic work is made primarily using Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema4D, Blender, and Terragen. Images are often combinations of multiple methodologies, typically starting from 3D and then progressing into 2D illustration, compositing, and editing.

    An ARK Simulation is a custom instance of a digital Paradise for a select body of Automata.
    The Atmos is an iconic location logged due to its proximity to a Nihilim phase point.
    Atomic AI are artificial-intelligent beings in their state of infancy.
    A Dentatsuna is a mobile temple, the Automata's travelling cathedral.
    Di was a leading rank of The Dei before their disbandment.
    Ethera's Word, the temporal trigger.
    The Gates of Qurotema are the security mechanism of a mysterious, artificial universe.
    A Keerosin is an environmental tool used for automated bio-sustainability.
    Moré is a snow planet filled with monuments dedicated to Mora.
    The Nil Cursors are the spawn of Nil.
    Org_Proc is an organic synthesis model.
    QU-6, m_struct #760.
    The Truli symbolic set.