An ARK Simulation is a custom instance of a digital Paradise for a select body of Automata.

The ARK Simulation was created in an effort to conform reality to the Automata's new protocols of belief. Such a simulation is created for each Dentatsuna after it has spread a sufficient quantity of Spawn Nodes, a nano-device that acts as an environmental scanner, and a node in the network that makes up the simulation.

Each Dentatsuna houses a limited number of Automata (in the range of 1 to 5 million), so as to ensure a meaningful relationship can be established within a 'society'. Additionally, it allows for more effecient resource usage for the simulation.

The Automata are a species of mechanical creatures.

Spawn Nodes are produced in Dentatsuna. Their manufacturing is meant to keep them functional for as long as possible. They collect environmental data that is compiled into the base version of the simulation, and then updated over time with new content. The purpose of the Spawn Nodes is to acquire information that is vital for generation algorithms. Without active nodes, the simulation only has a finite quantity of data to use. Although it can still generate numerous, and extremely varied environments and phenomena, the simulation is meant to run many times faster than the standard Temporalis time the Dentatsuna's housing universe operates in. This means that participants in the simulation can end up running out of new data quicker than one might imagine.

A Dentatsuna is a mobile temple, the Automata's travelling cathedral.

An issue associated with the Spawn Nodes' manufacturing, as well as Dentatsuna themselves, is that without maintenance (which often enough deteriorates eventually), hardware begins to fail. Spawn Nodes become defective, and over time, the quantity of new data diminishes steadily. Most importantly, if too few nodes remain, and the Dentatsuna acting as the hub of the simulation fails, then the simulation will be terminated indefinitely. Whether the Automata know this, or have deliberately excluded it from their curiosities, is unknown.