Artifacts tagged with code.

    4D SOCIETY is a first person exploration game with navigational puzzles driven by experimental graphics.
    Cartographer is a procedurally generated persistent multiplayer exploration game.
    Cord is a musical analysis visualization.
    Delta is a collection of customizable, live webcam and kinect-cam filters.
    DokiDoki is a web app for long-distance partner data.
    DotCycle is a narrative game taking place in archived memories of an atomic AI.
    Drone Dreams is a collaborative live audio performance tool.
    Elyium is an alternate reality game which takes place in a limbo realm.
    Eradise is a third person exploration game taking place in an Automata relic.
    Expansion is a realtime particle system-based audio visualizer.
    Fracas is a realtime point cloud music video with photogrammetric flowers.
    Freya is a minimal Discord bot.
    Full_body is an exercise sequencer.
    Hypha is a real-time fungal growth simulation.
    Invictus is a collection of branding, publicity, and web projects for Invictus Gloves.
    Jagged Orbit is a photogrammetry-based realtime particle system.
    Keyde is a contemporary kaleidoscope.
    Light Tone is an interactive audio sculpture and experimental musical instrument.
    The Log is a timekeeping tool and data visualizer overseen by LOGO.
    Nakade is a realtime point-cloud audiovisual demo.
    Perfect Empathy is a single player strategy and roguelike card game.
    Purity is an authoring engine that acts as the back-end of V-OS.
    Qurotema is an off-limits construct universe.
    RELAY is an asymmetric multiplayer geolocative hacking game.
    REsource is a web-based finance tracking app.
    Seven is an image viewer and digital gallery.
    V-OS is a designed space for media, narrative, and philosophy.
    Visor is a minimalistic presentation tool.
    Wite is a proof of concept modular interface and media hub environment.
    You Are X is an interactive VR installation focusing on microscopic environments.