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Purity is an authoring engine that acts as the back-end of V-OS.


Purity is a specialized wiki engine built in PHP, with the purpose of creating a minimalistic platform for complex, interwoven networks of data.

Purity allows for elaborate connectivity between its object-based data structures (made easily accessible from a user standpoint with the help of Apache's URI rewriting system), intuitive writing as a result of its multi-layered parser, and generalized usage due to its functional usage as a content management system, and even a text-based game engine.

Its markup language is based on a simple syntax. It contains attributes, which are declared through the attribute name, followed by a colon, and the information to be attributed to said attribute.

name : text image : directory>imagename etc.

And it contains rules, which are inline elements used to format text according to predetermined functions.

= [tag] link list = [text ++ text0] compact custom list ! [text] subtitle # [local link] etc.