The Log is a timekeeping tool and data visualizer overseen by LOGO.

The Log is a tool used for daily output logging and data analysis. It can be found here, and in the sidebar of all project pages logged in it (including this one).

It works by taking a simple text file of logs which it then parses using a Ruby script into mySQL queries. Using PHP with access to the database, the data is visualized into generated pages.

#log entry format
#DATE TIME PROJECT TASK DIVISION DETAILS 2017.08.30 1.0 V-OS Development Visual Testing new headers.

The purpose of the Log is to study my work habits, spot patterns in the types of activities I engage in, and attempt to optimize my productivity. I've written about my design intent with the Log in timekeeping. Timekeeping also covers design decisions I found interesting in regards to the Log, challenges I faced during its development, and the benefits it's brought to my lifestyle.